Welcome to Parque El Buchén

Right at the foothills’ clandestineness, at approximately 42 kilometers from Curico you will come across Parque El Buchén. This place is made up of exclusive country states that are located around a large conservation area of valdivian type forest in which it is possible to cherish oak, coihue, cypress and cinnamon trees with a date of age of over 800 years old.
Due to the process of melting of the foothills, waterfalls, pools and springs are originated, these are the ones who supply El Príncipe and La Gracia lagoons, an elemental part of Parque El Buchén.

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The spirit of the mountains

The transition from the city to the mountains drives and invites us to an utter spiritual transformation. Just by breathing, feeling, understanding, learning and sharing you can experience some of the many encounters for the senses merging with the Earth and the immensity of nature in its most pure and untouchable status.