Testimonial of the Preece Solé family


This family has also joined to our community, they are the Preece Solé family. Matías Preece, Nicole Solé and their three children have fulfilled their dream of building a house in the forest taking care of the environment, they have built large and comfortable areas to share together.

How did you find out about Parque El Buchén?
We found out through the Facebook’s page of a friend of us that visited it and fell in love with this place. We are a family that is permanently going to nature doing bike trips and trekking. Once a year we used to travel to Lago Llanquihue area and we kept thinking on buying a plot there but because of the distance it was very difficult for us to do it.

What do you like best about Parque El Buchén?
As soon as I saw this project on Facebook, I woke my husband up and as we were very excited about it, we contacted our friend, then we visited El Buchén through the webpage and the following weekend we visited the project. It was raining cats and dogs, we were all wet but we purchased on Monday, it was love at first sight… this was what we wanted and what we were looking for since a long time ago, a family project, just ours.
We wanted a place where we could share between us and our children without the need of internet, or the phone, or electronic games, or any contact with Santiago itself. Just us and nature, nature in which nowadays we spend hours every time we go there. We wanted to be all the time clearing new paths and doing different trips.

Which activities are you planning to perform at Parque El Buchén?
We are about to finish building a very rustic cabin in which we want to share all the mountain home’s own activities from its origin, without using technology, that means cooking together in the wooden stove, cutting wood, decorating our cabin with the treasures we might find during our trips, doing handcrafts and living the outdoor the fullest. We want to enjoy swimming in the lagoon and practice kayaking, make barbecues and prepare food in the clay oven, clear new footpaths for trekking, go down the river bed, biking, have picnics, visit the waterfalls, and so on.
Furthermore, we would like to share with our friends that appreciate this way of enjoying and resting that is so unique these days that we are permanently going from one place to another and stressed out because of our way of living.

What did attract your family to Parque El Buchén?
The virgin nature and the total disconnection in contact with it.

How have you thought of projecting your house?
We are about to finish building a cabin of about 70 m2 with a loft. It is extremely rustic, made completely of raw wood using the bark from every trunk, and also will have a fallen cypress tree that was in our field and now right at the heart of our cabin. We wanted that it did not have any role, that it was extremely simple and unpretentious, also that it was easy to operate and maintain for us just to focus on the landscape and our visitors.

What did you like best about the field you bought?
We liked that it had EVERYTHING!
It is very close to the lagoons and the barbecue area, easy for our kids to go walking there.
Additionally, within the field there were all the species of the park; Coihue, Oak and Cypress trees. It had a dense tree planting zone and also another zone where we built the cabin which gets the daylight from a marvelous sun and which also allows us from having distant views of the hills nearby. Moreover, we border the river and thereby the common park which after visiting it and exploring every corner, we came across with a little and beautiful waterfall that we have been clearing over time.

What is the inspiration you got for building your house?
A Daniel Boone’s type cabin, that is, a mountain typical house, very small but very very cozy.

How long ago did you start the building process of your house?
We started building it in March.

Which are the rooms you consider more important in your house?
The common area is without hesitation the most important place, that means, kitchen-living/dining room. It is all open and enclosed around the tree we put inside the cabin and the chimney.

How do you pretend to realign your house with the nature that surrounds it?
It is completely made of wood, it even includes tree bark. Therefore, it cannot merge more into the surroundings.

Our visits to Parque El Buchén make us very happy!!!

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